Shopping for beds: Warren Evans, Enfield

The New Year sales are on and our family needs new beds. Although we haven’t yet decided which to buy, it’s been interesting comparing bed shops and the shopping experience.

Predictably, first up was John Lewis in Oxford Street trying out some rather high end options. Several Vispring and John Lewis’s Natural Collection were deliciously comfortable, but you’re getting into serious money – and that’s just for just the mattress. A few days later we went to Dreams in Potters Bar with very helpful staff and the offer of a hot drink. We tried out more beds and I have to say that it does feel odd lying on beds in a showroom trying to imagine what it’ll really like sleeping on them. The staff were friendly and patient as they understand this is something you can’t decide quickly, but the Flaxby Collection mattresses were the frontrunners here (pure natural fillings, ‘advanced spring technology’ and made to order in the UK).

Most recently we’ve been to Warren Evans in Enfield. I hadn’t realised this award-winning Camden based company had other outlets, let alone around the corner from where I grew up as a child, so we took a trip down memory lane, showing our daughter my old house and school. Although the staff werent’ as knowledgeable as those in John Lewis or Dreams, the shop is a stunner. It is divided up into rooms according to the different mattresses and is properly furnished and decorated, giving a much more relaxing, homely impression. In this environment it was easier to focus on how the beds felt without feeling self-conscious. The beds and mattresses are all clearly priced, so we barely needed to consult the staff, reclining on bed after bed. I’d like to go on my own with a book for some comfortable time out in the name of bed research. The current leading contender is a particular Warren Evans mattress about half the price of a similar one in John Lewis. However, we have yet to try Ikea’s well-rated Hesseng mattress and that’s before we start thinking about the bedstead or divan. Exhausting stuff.

Whatever you’re looking for in the sales – good luck and enjoy.

Warren Evans 2

Warren Evans 3

Warren Evans 4

Shopping for beds: Warren Evans, Enfield
2 Clock Parade, London Road, Enfield EN2 6JG
020 8362 3240


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