Kronos & Rhea

Let’s face it, this is a challenging time for business and a trip down the High Street can be a dreary experience. However, on the bright side, we have a wonderful new business to tell you about.

This week saw the opening of Kronos & Rhea, Barnet’s long-awaited new zero-waste shop in the old Reni’s Café premises. If you’re on social media and especially Facebook, you will have seen this coming over the horizon. Owner Amanda has a civil engineering background was inspired by a community-minded zero-waste shop in Leigh-on-Sea, so she hopes hers will become a similar kind of hub.

The shop stocks many staple ingredients, as well as coffee beans, herbs and spices, detergents and toiletries and Amanda will guide you round, helping you to what you need. There’s sanitizer gel to use as you enter and, because of Covid risks, it’s best to check which containers you can take to be refilled, otherwise there are paper bags for dry goods and a range of containers for toiletries. Only two people are allowed in the shop at any one time and you are asked to respect social distancing.

Do remember to take a shopping bag and a list of what you need. As well as helping avoid packaging waste, it’s also ideal for smaller households who don’t need much (and perfect for herbs and spices which most of us keep for way too long). Small, frequent purchases mean that things stay fresh and are less likely to lurk in the back of the larder for months/years (delete as appropriate). During lockdown some of us have been coming across some long-lost ingredients with rather amusing use-by dates, so here’s your opportunity to clear out and re-stock.

This really is such a welcome addition to the High Street.

Check here to see the complete price list.


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