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One of the joys of running this website is seeking out local produce and businesses so I was thrilled to come across Jim Baker from Waltham Cross and his Hertfordshire Soap Company. Soap and detergents are subjects I’ve been giving serious thought to due to the chemical overload (particularly liquid soap) and with a young daughter with sensitive skin, we try to keep things simple and gentle.

Jim Baker is on a mission. He is promoting traditional bars instead of the liquid soap and gels used by most of us daily, as it is so much kinder, not just to our skin, but to the environment. So far so worthy, but, having used his soap, I’m happy to report it’s also a great product.

In the shower it lathers up nicely and your skin feels soft and conditioned afterwards. I’m currently using Hertfordshire Fresh (eucalyptus, spearmint and lemon). The fragrance is subtle and the swirl pattern and deep colours make the soap look genuinely hand made. I just need to find a soap tray or holder for the shower or perhaps Jim could introduce a soap on a rope (perhaps with an elegant tassel).

The hand soaps are plain and more delicately coloured (which I prefer) and are a treat to use; my rosewood and lemon soap with added oatmeal leaves my hands feeling silky smooth. Along with olive oil and coconut oil, Jim uses cocoa butter, shea butter and hemp oil in his soaps. There are no additives or preservatives other than natural (vegetable based) Vitamin E and only 100 percent pure essential oils are used to scent the soap, and the soaps are made in small batches following methods that go back centuries. As well as being lovely to use, the stylish retro paper packaging makes them ideal gifts and is fully recyclable.

The range includes Lavender Swirl, Hertfordshire Honey, Hertfordshire Hero, Hertfordshire Nights and Hertfordshire Warmer (particularly tempting with sweet orange, cinnamon, clove and cedarwood). There are also beard oils and lip balms, all available on Etsy.

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