“Here you can find out information about your representatives on a Parliamentary and local level, how to get in touch and their work in your local area. You can also find out information about how to become a Conservative Party member, our events, and how to get involved with discussions and campaigns locally.”

Chipping Barnet Conservative Association, 163 High Street, Barnet EN5 5SU

“Working for a fairer, greener and better Barnet

The Liberal Democrats exist to build and safeguard a fair, free and open society, in which we seek to balance the fundamental values of liberty, equality and community, and in which no-one shall be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity. (Preamble to The Liberal Democrat Constitution”

Here in Barnet we champion fairness for all and for our environment. From leading the campaign to keep Barnet Libraries open, fighting for our posiition in a free and fair Europe to defending the protection of our green belt, the Barnet Liberal Democrats are on your side.”

“Welcome to the campaign for a Better Barnet

We set up the Better Barnet campaign to respond to residents who told us what they thought was broken in Barnet – a Conservative council that was just not listening to the people it claimed to represent. We work in partnership with local residents and community groups on everything from road safety schemes and parking charges, to saving Friern Barnet Library and opposing the Conservatives ‘One Barnet’ sell-off of council services.

Although the campaign to stop the ‘One Barnet’ sell-off of services was not successful, together we have achieved many other successes. And where the Barnet Conservatives have failed to create a vision and a plan for Barnet, and where they have failed to work with residents and communities to create that vision and plan, the Better Barnet campaign will continue to work with local people to help them do just that.

We’re building a campaign and a movement that wants to put you, our local residents, at the heart of it.”

“Barnet Green Party campaigns on every major issue and we demonstrated our widespread support across the borough when we beat the Liberal Democrats in 19 of the 21 wards in the 2014 Barnet Council elections. In the 2015 general election, our candidates sharply increased the Green vote in all three Barnet constituencies. Stephen Taylor polled a mighty 16,996 votes in the Barnet and Camden constituency in May 2016, beating UKIP and the LibDems by several thousand votes.”

“We stand for:

Equal Representation: we can create an equal Parliament in just two elections. Without change, we will be waiting at least 50 years.

Equal Pay & Opportunity: we can make equal pay a reality. For every hour they work, women still earn just 81p of every pound earned by men.

Equal Parenting & Care-giving: more men want the chance to care for and enjoy time with their families. And women want a better work/life balance.

Equal Education: we can use our nurseries and schools as engine rooms of possibility, inspiring young women and men to achieve their full potential, free from gendered expectations about the life they should live.

Equal Media Treatment: equality for women requires real cultural change and the media has to be at the centre of that.

End Violence to Women: sexism, sexual harassment and domestic violence is faced on a daily basis by ordinary women, in ordinary places. We will use all possible means to make women feel safe in the home, on the street, on public transport and in the workplace, i.e. everywhere.

Equality in Healthcare and Medical Research: to ensure better health outcomes and access and provision of treatment and support.
Because equality is better for everyone.

If you are keen to make a difference we absolutely need your support, now more than ever.”

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