“Welcome to the Barnet and District Beekeepers Association.

Our aim is to foster the art of beekeeping in the Barnet area by providing members with information, advice, training, support, insurance as well as an apiary for association and members’ hives and loan facilities for beekeeping books, videos and equipment.

Barnet Beekeepers are now enrolling new members in our in-depth beginners course – a year of beekeeping experience that will take you from you first look inside a hive to helping to harvest some beautiful Barnet honey.”

“CAMRA was formed in 1971, initially to ensure that beer drinkers had the opportunity to drink Real Ale in their pubs, which at that time was beginning to disappear. Nowadays, CAMRA has widened its scope to include the issue of misleading dispense, pub preservation, cider and perry, brewery closures, full pint legislation, the smoking debate and much more.

Locally we have around 750 members in the Enfield & Barnet branch, while nationally the Campaign has over 124,000 members (June 2011). If you would like to join us, either go to CAMRA Home, talk to one of the local committee members (Contacts), or come to one of our socials or meetings – listed in Diary.”

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