“Monken Hadley Cricket Club, based in Barnet, Herts, welcomes players of all standards to play friendly cricket matches on Saturdays and Sundays throughout the summer. Please contact us through the website if you would like to play – regularly or just occasionally!

The earliest recorded report of cricket being played on the Common appeared in the Barnet Press and it referred to a game against the Privy Council Office CC on June 14th 1862. It is however probably that cricket was played on the Common earlier than this as the novelist, Anthony Trollop (1815-1882), in his novel “The Bertrams”, which was set in the 1840s made a reference to Cricket on the Common. His mother lived in Hadley and it is therefore quite likely that he drew on real life for inspiration.

The present Monken Hadley Cricket Club, which has its pitch on the grassland at the western end of the Common, was reformed in 1954 and has played continuously since that time.”