“Most of our members live in the Borough of Enfield, the northern half of Barnet Borough, and South Herts around Potters Bar, Northaw & Cuffley, but you are very welcome to join us wherever you live. Our group was founded in 1972 by keen local walkers, and has offered a full programme of walks led by experienced leaders to successive generations for over 40 years. We share a love of walking and the countryside.

If you would like to join us, you become a member of Ramblers national organisation. They will assign you to our group if you live in our patch (EN1 to EN6, N9, N11 to N14, N18, N20, or N21) or, if you live elsewhere, you can specify our group when you join. If you are already a member of another Group, you can ask to be added to our mailing list to receive our Newsletter & full Walks Programme. Come along and try a couple of walks first.

As well as organising a full programme of walks and social activities, members of our group help to check out local footpaths and work to safeguard the footpath network.”