Barnet’s blanket of snow

After waking on Sunday to that unmistakable muffled calm, it could only mean one thing: snow. Of course, it looked stunning and, as long as you had suitable footwear and didn’t need to travel anywhere, it was wonderful. What’s more, with the monochrome colours and historic buildings, it was like being in old photographs you find in the museum.

Fortunately, we live at the top of the hill, so simply walked up the High Street to Hadley Green to join the fun in King George’s Fields. With a gentle slope, deep virgin snow and distant views of London, it was toboggan heaven. Last Sunday, with the lack of traffic, our empty hillside streets were ideal for a range of pistes and with plenty of après options. Our town could make a great little ski resort. However, High Barnet might not be quite high enough.

The perilous state of the pavements and roads on Monday and Tuesday is another story, so we’ll just hold on to those magical memories of Sunday’s winter wonderland. What a festive treat.


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