Green Beings High Barnet

We keep using the term “grass roots action” here in Barnet, but it’s particularly appropriate for this new local group.

Green Beings High Barnet is a new environmental and community interest organisation set up to make our town a more sustainable, greener, cleaner and better place to live. With mounting concerns about sustainability and pollution – especially plastic and packaging, the Green Beings Barnet Facebook page is already becoming a useful forum for sharing ideas and information. Collectively it’s possible to really make a difference, lobbying local businesses to change their habits over plastic and having an influence over what they sell. Starting with something that’s increasingly affecting the neighbourhood, their initial focus is litter.

As they explain, “There has been a lot of anger and questions about the role of the council (or lack of) in tackling the issue of dirty and littered streets in and around Barnet. Whilst we are hoping to build relationships with councillors going forward, and hope to see more done by the council, unfortunately it is not just down to them. Many people have no respect for the streets or environment and litter / fly-tip without giving it a second thought. By coming together and giving Barnet a good clean up, we hope to set an example, show the council that this is a subject that really does matter to us, and encourage people to respect the area a bit more. In order to maximise our impact, however, we need to come out in force, with as many volunteers as possible.”

In conjunction with Keep Britain Today, the Great High Barnet Spring Clean is taking place on Saturday 23rd March and you’re invited to register online then join the communal litter-pick which meets outside St John the Baptist Church at midday.

See you there!


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