Barnet Bop: Bringing The Dancefloor To Your Doorstep

We’ve had a relatively abstemious January and, now we’re comfortably into February, we need to get back in the saddle and have a bit of fun.

With perfect timing, we’re thrilled to hear about Barnet Bop, a new club night featuring music from the 80s and 90s launching at Hadley House on Saturday 2nd March. It’s the idea of a group of local parents – sound engineer and part-time DJ Rob Sweeny, wife Jo and friends Jayne Ward and Georgia Lynane who met through local primary schools.

Chatting to them, it was interesting hearing about suburban pop-up club nights around Manchester such as the regular events at the Chorlton Irish Club (run by veterans of the local music scene) and the Harpenden Rewind (with DJ Vinyl Richie). These are examples of music lovers initiating things closer to home to avoid the hassle of travelling to city centre clubs and feeling out of place with youngsters half their age, as well as being a whole lot more baby sitter-friendly. Given the growing appetite for these events, Barnet seems an ideal place for something similar.

In 2018 they held a couple of club nights at the United Services Club in East Barnet. These were more like private parties, but still attracted about 100 people (and some impressive bar takings) and the team are now ready to hold larger events and spread the word. Barnet Bop will feature music with a strong nod to the Indie Manchester scene but include some soul and disco without getting too cheesy. What’s more, to boost the party atmosphere, the team will be working with Hadley House on a special drinks list with jug cocktails and other tempting deals.

We’ll be there – even with our rusty old moves.

Tickets are £6 and are available at Hadley House or online here.


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