Enfield Veg Co.

If you’ve been to Forty Hall Farmers’ Market you’ll know that, as well as producing some very decent wine, Forty Hall Farm also grows some excellent organic vegetables. They also organise a vegetable bag scheme which until recently was only available to residents of Enfield.

We’re delighted to hear that Barnet residents can now benefit from this. Rather than offering a delivery service along the lines of Riverford, for example, Enfield Veg Co. has collection points and a recently introduced one in New Barnet joins the other eight around the borough of Enfield.

You need to register with Enfield Veg Co., choose your preferred bag size and set up a direct debit for payment. These are in three sizes ranging from £28 to £54 per month which you collect weekly. In terms of flexibility, if you’re going away on holiday, you need to give them a week’s notice (or arrange for someone else to collect your bag). They explain that the bags are packed on a Wednesday morning and are available for collection from about 4pm on the same day. Most of the pick-up-points are self-service but with fixed hours and the veg needs to be collected by the Friday evening.

Most of the produce comes from the Forty Hall Farm market garden (part of Capel Manor College), but they often need to supplement this with vegetables from other trusted organic and biodynamic suppliers.

With all our glorious Green Belt countryside around, it’s good news that here in Barnet we can now reap the benefits and enjoy local, seasonal produce on a regular basis.

Enfield Veg Co.
Forty Hall Farm, Forty Hill, Enfield EN2 9HA
020 8363 1393

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