Making Barnet a Festival Town

Barnet is steeped in history and it really helps define the town. Earlier this year on a beautiful summery weekend many of us enjoyed the Medieval Festival.

With funding being an issue everywhere, a crowd-funding campaign is currently underway to make the Medieval Festival a regular event. Chipping Barnet is ideally and uniquely suited to host this. It is home to London’s only registered battlefield (Battle of Barnet: 1471), but it also has enjoyed a long history as a flourishing market town, providing hospitality, produce, and trade to travellers on the Great North Road.

This bid will allow Barnet to revive this tradition of hospitality and trade, celebrate what is special about the town and boost the local economy by building on the success of the previous years’ Medieval Festivals. The Town Team, along with the Partnership that delivered the successful Battle of Barnet Project, will transform the town centre by bringing back the bustle and buzz of medieval times.

The plan is to organise a weekend of medieval activities in June 2019 and provide a shuttle bus to link the festival site with the town centre. By creating opportunities for local artisan producers to sell their goods, for town traders to dress in medieval costume, for people to volunteer and learn about medieval life, this project will bring the community together.

Please support this project that will really help put Barnet on the map by celebrating its fascinating past. You can do this by simply clicking on this link.


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