Loud fireworks: a personal plea

At this time of year the night skies are full of fireworks – they might look spectacular but, as one reader points out, too often they are disturbingly loud.

As November 5th approaches, we are in dread of the series of massive explosions, which last year went on around us for over a week. Our dog was nightly in shock, and on one night our baby grandson was woken, crying inconsolably.

As a society, we have more or less agreed not to smoke in enclosed places, and to clear up our dog poos. Is it not high time that we agreed to restrict our ridiculous annual explosions, which are nowadays louder than ever?

This year, of course, November 5th is a Saturday. Is it too much to hope that, by general agreement, the noise could be limited to one evening?

Yes, we all enjoy some fun, but loud noise does not necessarily mean fun, and can cause much distress to many.

Dick Tyack, Clifford Road, Barnet.

Image of vintage fireworks courtesy of Epic Fireworks.


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