Town and Country Circular Walk

Given the complete unpredictability of our weather going from insanely wet one day to glorious the next, we’re lucky to have some great walks on our doorstep to maximise whatever nature throws our way. Get your walking boots on (if you don’t have any pop along to Cover Outdoor Clothing) and make the most of it.

Here is a magnificent, yet very easy circular walk that takes in both town and country in about an hour (or longer if you include some foraging). We started near High Barnet tube station and walked up the High Street to Hadley Green which was basking in early autumn sunshine. From there you follow the London Loop signs and turn right, passing through the wooden gate into King George’s Fields. At this point you are facing south with spectacular views of London stretching into the distance between the trees.

The footpath is easy to follow as it is like a mown wide fairway running downhill. Either side there are wooded areas and wild verges with brambles and many other things to tempt foragers. While I was picking blackberries, my husband was on the lookout for ceps (ever hopeful at this time of year). We passed dog walkers and joggers as well as other strollers and it felt very friendly. You sensed people were delighted to be out after such dramatic wet weather.

Continuing down the hill, make sure you keep looking around as there are tantalising views back across to Hadley Green and Monken Hadley on the left, as well as the big vista ahead of you. Further down on the left you can see houses in Tudor, Norfolk and Bosworth Roads with the footpath getting more narrow and shaded by trees before it comes to end near Burnside Close. Go through the gate and follow the paved path to the right and you’ll pick up Meadway. From here return to High Street by walking uphill along Meadway where it will bring you out near the tube station and QE Girls.

If you have more time you could continue following the London Loop signs downhill and ultimately pick up the Dollis Brook trail near Underhill or do the walk in reverse and instead of walking back along the High Street turn right at Hadley Green and continue through Monken Hadley Common towards Trent Park. Either way, there are plenty of options – weather permitting.

Barnet Hadley walk 8

Barnet Hadley walk 9

Barnet Hadley walk 1

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